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The effectiveness of incoming communications in a business is strategic. By means of automatic and real time analyzation of data available publicly on the web or in the private informations systems of the company, Dynamease improves the classification and connection of incoming calls to your business.

Through the use of this service, your company can:

  • Increase its commercial efficacy: incoming calls are qualified and the choice of a commercial or interaction scenario can be made automatically based on the profile of the incoming call.
  • Lower the costs of communications: by automatically filtering irrelevant calls, the time spent answering calls on the company’s phone systems is reduced.
  • Lower the costs of telecommunications equipment: telephone sets on every desktop are no longer necessary. Employees’ cellular devices become the internal extension lines.

Dynamease allows a company to have a completely automated smart-switchboard system in interaction with its client database without changing the setup or infrastructure of the company.

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On an incoming call, Dynamease gathers available information from internal sources within the company:

  • Client databases
  • Company mailing lists
  • Prospection files
  • Customer Relationship Management software

Or gathers information made available publicly or through specific subscriptions:

  • Directory systems
  • Social Networks
  • Web Searches…

This comprehensive information is used to determine the best representative within the business and to maintain the confidentiality of data.

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Information concerning the incoming call will allow you to identify the best potential representative within the company.  This identification process may happen different ways. For example:

  • If the caller is an existing client, the caller will be connected directly to the representative who oversees their account as determined by the customer relationship management software.
  • If a client is calling for the first time, the collected information will allow the caller to be connected directly to the person who can best be of service.

The call will be routed automatically to the most appropriate means of communication for the representative at that time (mobile, landline, Skype, …) and will be unnoticeable to the caller

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Once the phone rings, an employee will be shown a simplified client record that contains information collected by Dynamease on the screen of their device.

This information can be transferred to the company’s client database.

By combining this improvement with the consultation of web information in real time, Dynamease ensures the most optimal treatment possible, even with multiple databases containing different contacts.


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