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May 2014

80 billion connected devices, and what about me?

The presentation that was given Tuesday night in a Parisian hotel put a spotlight, among others, on the “Internet of things.”  All of the interconnected gadgets that, from our homes to our cars, collect more and more data through our smartphones become a part of big data. The famous “Big Data” was one of the popular trends presented as the best source of potential growth for the digital economy in the years to come. Regarding growth, the digi-world incidentally calls this data the “oil” of the digital economy and reports strongly point to the risk of a spill: Do European consumers want to get themselves bogged down in a collection […]

May 2014

The smartphone generation

The arrival of smartphones The widespread use of smartphones is the result of a trend reversal that lasted twenty years: At the beginning of the nineties, individuals experimented with using technology in the workplace and brought them into their personal and family lives.  Now, individuals use technology in personal and familial settings, and bring them to the workplace for professional use, which makes certain technological tools obsolete. The changes involved in the success of a business can be attributed to the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend. A convergence of IT and telecommunications… The convergence of telecommunications and information technology in general, and the telephone and mailing tools in the […]

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