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The presentation that was given Tuesday night in a Parisian hotel put a spotlight, among others, on the “Internet of things.”  All of the interconnected gadgets that, from our homes to our cars, collect more and more data through our smartphones become a part of big data. The famous “Big Data” was one of the popular trends presented as the best source of potential growth for the digital economy in the years to come.
Regarding growth, the digi-world incidentally calls this data the “oil” of the digital economy and reports strongly point to the risk of a spill: Do European consumers want to get themselves bogged down in a collection of information about them that do not have any other value, other than making them better advertising targets?
Pierre Nanterme, the CEO of Accenture, was the evening’s guest star. “80 milliards d’objets connectés en 2020, et moi, et moi, et moi ?… ” (80 billion connected devices in 2020, and what about me?) asked Philippe Escande, journalist at “Le Monde”.  While Nanterme announced the unprecedented extent of revenue in trillions of dollars that could be generated by this market, I counted about 5 cell phones ringing in the room.  I asked myself if this wasn’t a prime example of the conclusion drawn by Escande: he wondered about the potential rejection of these devices.  But seeing the embarrassed reaction of the woman sitting next me trying to smother the ringing sounds coming from her jacket, I told myself that we need a little bit of help, us poor, sensitive, and polite humans, to take back control of our smartphones…
Article published May 26, 2014 

Post published on: May 26, 2014.

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