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The arrival of smartphones

The widespread use of smartphones is the result of a trend reversal that lasted twenty years:
At the beginning of the nineties, individuals experimented with using technology in the workplace and brought them into their personal and family lives.  Now, individuals use technology in personal and familial settings, and bring them to the workplace for professional use, which makes certain technological tools obsolete.
The changes involved in the success of a business can be attributed to the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend.

A convergence of IT and telecommunications…

The convergence of telecommunications and information technology in general, and the telephone and mailing tools in the workplace is called “unified communication.”  In fact, this system features little innovation and often hides renaming fads from PABX suppliers or attempts by IT suppliers, such as Microsoft, to win parts of the market over these same PABX suppliers.
Unified communications offers, wherever they may come from, take little account of new approaches to individual communication that emerge from the young digital native generation. When talking about it, it’s not followed up by the failed approaches made by social media dedicated companies.


…towards unified communication

Unified communication that passes through smartphones will become a norm in the workplace:  individual personal practice of new communication and use of social networks converge coincide with telephony which will progressively establish itself.  The BYOD phenomenon is just the first step of a bigger phenomenon that we can call “BYOE” (Bring Your Own Environment)
In these new practices, multiplicity is the rule: no more Filofax, but a multitude of profiles on social networks, matched with multiple and redundant address books for each of our different mailing addresses.
Our vision, is that we want to be the source by which BYOE emerges, by providing multi-environment, individual unified communications services.

A new small-business oriented service

We wish to serve, as a priority, the small-business market.  These are companies comprising of a small number of people for whom the value of provided services can be immediate.
The principle targeted value is the reduction of lost time: qualifications of calls, optimal reachability, and converging the back office.

Post published on: May 16, 2014.

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